‘Cute Emergency’ is a Book All Stress Cases Should Have on Hand


9781101904626For those who follow @CuteEmergency, @EmrgencyKittens and @OhMyCorgi know the drill; it’s a rough day, so you check out these Twitter feeds to see a cute picture of an animal to cheer up. Cute kittens with silly taglines, puppies tumbling all over themselves and hedgehogs and bunnies being both tiny and adorable fill the screen. But what happens when you need something on the go? What happens when your internet connection is down. Never fear, Cute Emergency the book is here. Assembled by Tony Heally, Cute Emergency separates these cute animals into levels of emergencies. From running out of your coffee all the way up to a bad breakup, the book is divided into levels of cuteness to combat the bad.

I gave this book a test run and used it while making a series of necessary, but frustrating phone calls. When given the option of arguing quietly with another human being with or without kitten pictures, bring on the kitten pictures every time. Cute Emergency does its job and brightens days. This is a great book for that stress case in your life who needs a little cute therapy to get through the day.

Cute Emergency comes to book stores October 6, 2016 from Three Rivers Press.

FTC Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from BloggingforBooks.com in exchange for a fair and honest review. Seriously though; how would I ever be able to rate a book on cute kittens poorly? This seems like entrapment. 


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