Godzilla in Hell #3 Gorgeous but Empty


Godzilla in Hell #3Godzilla in Hell #3 is written by Ulises Farinas and Eric Frietas and has art by Buster Moody. Each issue of the series has a different author, or in this case authors and appears to be patterned after Dante’s Inferno in that there are multiple levels of hell that Godzilla must traverse. However, most similarities to Dante’s Inferno end there, as it doesn’t seem that the levels correspond. For example we arguably get to the sixth or possibly ninth level in issue three.

The familiar players in the Godzilla universe appear to Godzilla as either angels or demons; most likely demons. Godzilla, unconcerned with where he is, progresses through the abyss and the other levels with the inevitability of an avalanche.

Godzilla in Hell seems to be a vehicle for the various authors to explore the myriad myths surrounding the concept of Hell using Godzilla as a vehicle. It has the conceptualization of classic literature. The artwork is gorgeous and the battles epic.

And yet it is somehow less than satisfying. Godzilla seems unphased by anything the hells throw at him. He simply fights and moves on. He fights again and moves on. There is no impact, no matter how horrific the battle or the outcome, Godzilla moves on to the next fight.

What does it mean when Godzilla defeats a demon in Space Godzilla skin? It means nothing, apparently. Godzilla simply moves on to the next fight. What does it mean when Godzilla defeats a god and the angels in Mothra wings would worship him? Nothing. What does it mean that he eats some of them rather than accept their worship? Nothing apparently.

Perhaps the authors want the readers to ponder these questions on their own. Perhaps Godzilla is simply narrating, wordlessly, concepts that the authors want the readers to think about. Or perhaps it is simply a comic book with an interesting idea. But this is a Godzilla comic book.

Then again is human hell Godzillafied. Maybe if we ever get to what is hell for Godzilla we will see some real engagement from Godzilla. Something more than an almost robotic march that differs from Japan only by scenery.


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