Logiquit’s “Office” is a Fantastic Noodle-Bender!


LogiquitPicA detective has been murdered, and I had somehow gotten locked in his office! With only 60 minutes to get out of the room without being arrested myself, I had to think fast to solve all the puzzles in the room to unlock the door. While I’m at it, why not solve the case, right?

I recently visited Logiquit in Hollywood and played in the Office. I learned quickly that in this room, nothing was simply what it was. Clues laid everywhere, in plain sight, and where you had to search to find them. I scrambled through the room with my partner, making a mess of the place, and I was finding another piece to the puzzle at every turn. The clock was ticking and I could feel my heart counting each second. This room has a lot to offer. There are physical puzzles to hold in your hands and there are books, pictures, and documents to read through. By the end, I had turned a neat little office space into a disaster area, with piles of papers, photos, clues, and more scattered over the flat surfaces, my whiteboard was a mess and my brain was working overtime! (I thought I smelled smoke…)

Unfortunately, when I was only two clues away the timer ran out and I was apprehended by the police! The real killer got away with it and I was taken away instead!

After being shown the clues I missed, I was smacking myself in the head. They were so simple! The biggest point of this room is to not over-think things, but to not leave any clue behind. Nothing is as simple as it seems and there are lots of little symbols and clues to help guide your brain. If you need extra help, you can wave at the camera and one of the Game Masters will put a clue on the timer screen for you. Even those extra clues are difficult to get now and then and you should really try not to relay on them anyways. It takes the fun out of a puzzle if someone does it for you or gives you too many hints! Istvan was our Game Master, and he was kind, courteous, and very professional. He made me feel very welcome in the space and was very helpful with questions I had before and after the game.

I’d say that this room gets a solid A; 5 out of 5 stars! The story was simple, the clues were just complex enough to make you think without making you want to bash your head into a wall, and the puzzles were a great deal of fun. Just the type of things you’d expect from a detective, and then some you wouldn’t. Without any spoilers, I can say that you will not be without clues for any stretch of time. If a player pays close enough attention to detail, and plays around with everything they can physically touch, they will come across a plethora of materials to solve the case and get the door open. Logiquit is guaranteed to make you work your noodle! After visiting the Office escape room, I can honestly say that I want to return to Logiquit with friends and try my hand at another room!


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