Mistress of Death Review: ‘The Dreadful Fate of Jonathan York’


cover69278-mediumJonathan York is a bland man who avoids adventure and danger at any cost. When he uncharacteristically takes a short cut home through the swamp, he finds himself horribly lost. York discovers a group of travelers that encourage him to go to a local inn. The innkeeper will allow York a safe place to sleep for the night for the price of one story. As York has done nothing in his life, he finds himself without a story and back out in the dark. He traverses the forest and has the most terrifying, story-worthy, adventure of his life.

I absolutely adored this book. Though the twisted tale is reminiscent of early Tim Burton, it is still a style that is all Kory Merritt’s.  The limited color palate and ink lines create mysterious creatures and monsters throughout the book. The writing is sometimes straight prose, sometimes sing-songy rhyme. The Dreadful Fate of Jonathan York is a delightful children’s book, but may not be appropriate for smaller children or those who are more sensitive. If you’re a morbid adult with a child-like heart like I am, you will likely love this book as much as I did.


The Dreadful Fate of Jonathan York: A Yarn for the Strange at Heart is available October 6, 2015. Look for it on on Amazon


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