‘Pop Sonnets’ Puts a Shakespearean Twist on Pop Songs


cover66770-mediumAre you a lover of Shakespeare and the song “Call Me Maybe” ? Do you love a catchy pop song, but still want to maintain your English major cred? Never fear, Pop Sonnets by Erik Didriksen is here.

The book divides itself into sections such as “Sonnets of Love,” “Sonnets of Despair” and “Songs of Time and Morality.”  The end section, like any good work of Shakespearean literature also includes a search option for individual lines. It is difficult not to love the Shakespearean version of a Rick-Roll or the word-carving illustrations scattered throughout the book. I found myself scanning for my favorites before calling friends and reciting them at my leisure.

This book also works really well if you’re trying to find something to write a love letter based off of.

Pop Sonnets is available from Quirk Books October 6, 2015. Look for it on Amazon


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