15 More Days to Back 50s Housewife Zombie Killers in ‘Aberford’


Aberford housewives

October has arrived, and scores of the undead are emerging from their graves. The world has called for diverse female-centric video games, and independent artists are proving to be the answer. Sketchy Panda’s Aberford is an adventure-brawler combat game, using the characters of clever, tough, 50s housewives, killing zombies with realistic household weaponry. There are four major character options: ex-professional baseball player Peggy Whitman, African-American former army nurse Betty Smith, discharged riveter Doris Baker, and scientist Sylvia Hornberger. They’ve also created four playable expansion characters who will have important roles in the story line: transgender Norma Thompson who fought in World War II before transitioning and becoming a boarding house manager, engineer Mary Kuroki whose teenage years were spent in an internment camp, 16 year-old cheerleader Patricia Baker (daughter of Doris Baker), and Mexican immigrant artist Alejandra Rassmusen. Each woman has realistic individual backstories and interesting personalities, allowing the player to choose from options in deciding group dynamics. The game delves into the socio-political contexts of its post World War II setting, and promises a charming aesthetic atmosphere. The concept art in the demo has the potential to become spectacular with further development and funding. Its Kickstarter goal is $675,000, with awesome rewards from a forum badge and Aberford wallpaper to contributions of voice work and motion capture.



Visit Aberford’s kickstarter page here.


Aberford "We can do it" poster


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