Angels Taste Like Chicken Nuggest in Matt Wallace’s ‘Envy of Angels’


Wallace_EnvyofAngels_coverGood friends Lena and Darren have fallen on hard times after being black-listed from every major restaurant kitchen in New York City. Just as Darren may have to request money from his parents, the two receive a phone call. Bronko Luck, a famous chef who is rumored to be long dead, calls the two and requests they come work for him at his specialized catering company, Sin du Jour. Intrigued, the two go to a rundown building and discover the strangest kitchen they’ve ever seen. Faced with seemingly impossible tasks, the two quickly prove their abilities in the kitchen. The recipes seem a bit unusual. When Darren accidentally releases a monster from the pantry, he and Lena realize that maybe not all of these dishes were ever intended to be normal. It gets worse when an actual angel is wheeled into the kitchen to be prepared for a demon banquet. After a popular vote in the kitchen, it is determined that no one will actually kill and prepare the angel, but in order to prevent their deaths at the hands of demons substitute meals must be found. After an angel-assisted taste test, the kitchen crew discovers that angels taste just like Henley’s Chicken Nuggies. A new plan is hatched that is even more far fetched than cooking an angel for an army of demons.

If you want a book where an army of undead clowns chant unrelentingly to a giant chicken that continually spews magical chicken nuggets from it’s body, you have come to the right place. If you’re looking to find out the best replacement recipe for angel wings or angel blood, pick Envy of Angels up and run with it. Matt Wallace has the type of twisted mind that delights me as a reader and has me turning page after page to see just how much crazier a story can get. The characters are odd, demented and hilariously equipped to deal with the daily challenges of Sin du Jour. After five minutes in their kitchen I probably would have fled and asked my parents for money.

Envy of Angels: A Sin du Jour Affair is a novella, so sadly the bite-sized portion will leave you desperately wanting more. It is a perfect blend of horror and fantasy, not unlike a particular blend of herbs and spices found Henley’s Chicken Nuggies.

Envy of Angels: A Sin du Jour Affair> is available from Tor Books on October 20, 2015.


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