New Audio Drama ‘The Light of September’ Coming from the Creators of ‘Minister of Chance’


The Light of September Cast

Radio Static, the creators of the wonderful Minister of Chance is hard at work on a new audio drama, The Light of September. The only information about the plot is an enigmatic blurb on the site:

Nothing can travel faster than light.

In the near future, however, it does, and the crew of the RRS Venus must deal with the Earth-shattering consequences.

Listeners will have to wait until the drama is released to find out the rest.

The list of voice talent, however, is enough to make one salivate. Stars include Robert Picardo, who played the irascible Emergency Medical Hologram on Star Trek: Voyager and Sylvester McCoy bests known for his roles as the Seventh Doctor of Doctor Who and the eccentric wizard Radagast in The Hobbit. Other voice actors include Tamsin Greig (Emma; Minister of Chance), Thorbjørn Harr (Mars & Venus; Into the Dark), Tuppence Middleton (The Imitation Game, Jupiter Ascending; Heida Reed (One Day; True Bloodthirst), George Blagden (Vikings, Versailles, and Simon Hickson (The Slammer; Transmission Impossible.

The Light of September is written and produced by Dan Freeman, who also wrote and produced Minister of Chance. Freeman is also the author of Doctor Who: Death Comes to Time, the episode from which the Minister is descended.

The Light of September is still fundraising, with 4,231 out of 5000 pounds needed to produce the first episode, “Breakfast on Venus,” and until October 13, 2015 to raise the rest of the money needed. Contribution levels and goals are online at



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