TV REVIEWS: The Big Bang Theory, Switched at Birth, Scorpion


I am a sucker for all things TV. My friends make fun of me because I can sit down and watch TV shows non stop, allowing fifteen hours to go by. But trying to sit me down for a movie is like getting your cat to listen to you, nearly impossible.

It is the season for new shows, revisiting our favorites, and sadly falling out of love with a few. As we dive through the Fall TV Line Up, I will keep you up to date on some of the hottest shows out.

maxresdefault (2)The Big Bang Theory: 8 PM CBS

They never seem to disappoint. For a show that is going into it’s ninth season, you would think that they would start to feel a little stagnant. But instead The Big Bang Theory just keeps smashing episodes out of the park. While I was a little iffy about the story line and rushing into a long waited event like Penny and Lenard’s wedding, tonight’s episode had me cracking up. It quickly reminded we why I love this show and the characters so much.

I have to say one of my favorite things about this show is the character dynamics. Not only as a whole group, but the dynamics when they break off into smaller groups. Leonard was kidnapped by his friends in celebration of his wedding, when all of a sudden they run into a flat tire. On the other hand Penny was pushed to finally drop the big news to her parents. While I enjoyed checking in with Penny, I couldn’t get enough of the boys arguing over which superhero they could reach out to. Personally, I would choose Wonder Woman and just get a lift in her invisible jet!


switchedatbirthverticalshowcardSwitched at Birth: 8 PM ABC Family

I have always been a big fan of Switched at Birth. I loved the plot, the characters, some of the story arcs, and of course the family dynamic. However, I find myself starting to lose interest in the story. This week’s episode threw us a curve ball towards the end, but other then that I found the episode kind of lacking. Which usually means we can expect something big coming soon.

I do not want to see Bay and Travis together. I’m sorry fans, but I don’t. I really want to see some hot, NEW guys being brought in for Bay. I love seeing Daphne change and grow with the different variety of men she dates, while Bay has just fallen into this repeating of guys every new plot line. We need something, anything to liven this show up and we need it quickly.


download (4)Scorpion: 9 PM CBS

DOWN RIGHT AMAZING! That is all I can say about tonight’s episode of Scorpion. I love this show, its refreshing, exciting, and the characters are loveably flawed. While sometimes it can become repetitive as it follows the same story line, this episode had me on the edge of my seat the whole episode. I was ranting to the TV like a loon as my roommate looked on with fear.  I laughed, I gasped, and continued to spaz out the whole episode. There was so many great things about the episode, I don’t want to give anything away. All you need to know is, stop what you are doing and go watch it.

One last thing, I swear. But I just needed to say that I am loving this new character they are introducing into Walter’s life.






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