Mistress of Death Review: The Haunting of the Tenth Avenue Theater


cover67060-medium (1)Alex Matuso was always a big fan of the supernatural, but during her unbringing was encouraged to shy away from it. As an actress, Matuso found herself on many a haunted stage. After returning to the Tenth Avenue Theater in San Diego, CA, Matuso found herself encountering the supernatural and gathered a group of ghost hunters to explore the theater and its history. The Haunting of the Tenth Avenue Theater gathers the ghost stories of the theater, descriptions of Matuso’s ghost hunts and the history behind the theater.

While Matuso finds rich stories to tell and the occasional interaction with possible ghost activity, much of the book feels like watching Ghost Adventures and waiting for the hunters to freak out over something. Matuso constructs the basic framework for the past of the theater, as well as some of the colorful characters that surround the theater today, but fails to say yay or nay on what actually may be causing the supposed hauntings.

Still, The Haunting of the Tenth Avenue Theater is an entertaining read for fans of the supernatural and the history of smaller theaters.

The Haunting of the Tenth Avenue Theater is available from Llewelyn books October 8, 2015.


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