31 Days of Horror- “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D”: A Sequel Worth Watching


SilentHillRevelationCoverMy rant about Silent Hill isn’t over yet! There’s a sequel, as mentioned in the last film review. Silent Hill: Revelation was released and intended as a 3D movie, but at the time of its release, few people (myself included) actually saw the film in its intended format. However, whether or not you saw it in 3D barely affected the film quality. Some may say that you can’t experience it fully, and after finally getting around to it myself, I can tell you, there was not much difference. With or without the awkward 3D glasses, the sequel to the spine-chilling hit is really rather good. Admittedly, I was not as happy with it, for multiple reasons. I was mainly displeased with how little my Horror Husband, the fearsome Pyramid Head, appears in the film. One would think that after his success in the first film and the love with which the horror-loving community accepted him, that the writers would have made him a bigger character. However, the sexy-yet-horrifying nurses play a larger part in this film. I also found the story that tied the sequel into the first, the casting, and some of the game references to be a tad shoddy.

As one would remember, the first film ended with Chris looking sadly out of the front door of his now empty house, seeming to realize that his wife and daughter would never return. We learned (or at least I hope you all caught on) that Rose and Sharon were trapped in another dimension, and Silent Hill would not release them. As you go into the sequel, you see a very different world, and you find that Sharon is with her father again…without Rose. Now, Sharon and her father have been moving around and changing their names, avoiding the people who try to further ruin their lives. Sharon is now Heather Mason, and she is simply trying to fit into the world that her father is trying to protect her from. She doesn’t remember what happened in Silent Hill, and Chris wants to keep it that way. She has horrible nightmares, reminiscent of her sleepwalking in the first film, and she tries to remember the details of her dreams in aHeatherAndVincent notebook, which Chris finds and steals the pages from.

Now in this film, as much as I think the tie-in needed work, I really think that the writers did a good job of continuing the story. Heather gets these nightmarish peeks at what the demons of Silent Hill want her to see, until she is forced to return when her father is kidnapped. Despite her father’s warnings, she goes. Just like that stupid Rose, thinking that if she just goes to Silent Hill, she can fix all that is going on. Heather is thrown into a whirlwind of chaos, and soon realizes just how wrong she was as she dodges even more terrifying monsters, attempts to save other victims of Silent Hill’s insane tortures (including a play-off of Vincent Smith from the games, a young man she becomes romantic with named Vincent Cooper, who is not as great as you think he is by the way…), and tries to find her beloved father.

Towards the end of the film, the true evil is revealed and Heather meets her other half…Alessa. Alessa is all grown up as well, and they face off on a carousel (controlled by Pyramid Head!). I was quite displeased with the way they portrayed Sharon/Heather/Alessa. I really do think that the film should have used the original actress, who was already a fantastic-looking teenager by the time that Revelation was made. I especially love that (true to one of the HeatherAndAlessagames when Heather re-identified towards the end as “Cheryl”) she returns to the name she was originally given, in this case, “Sharon.”

Thankfully, my Horror Husband makes another appearance towards the end of the film and plays a fairly crucial part in the finish. You’ll notice around the end that Pyramid Head had quite a different attitude towards Heather than he did toward her mother in the first film.

Of course, if one is sensitive to blood, they may have moments in which they become uncomfortable and might need to avert their eyes. If you have a fear of dolls or stuffed toys, spiders, or mannequins, (I guess Markiplier can’t watch this. Sorry, Mark!) you may want to be wary as Heather faces against a mannequin-like spider creature and then ventures into the carnival. Aside from my little complaints here and there however, I still love this movie and I’d recommend it to anyone who liked the first film or the games.


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