Mistress of Death Review: Haunted By the Abyss


cover67059-mediumI need to point out going into this review that anytime the preface of a review includes a description about how sane someone is an how they’ve been tested for mental illness, I get concerned about where the book is headed. Haunted by the Abyss lead up to my expectations. Sarah Soderlund describes her difficult life growing up with a connection to the paranormal. In Haunted by the Abyss, Soderlund describes her psychic experiences, encounters with demons and even an experience with alien abduction.

Soderlund’s experiences are deeply personal and detailed throughout the book. She describes her life and the interactions she and her family members have had. While I really did want to like this book, it felt like Soderlund has strangely has had more interactions with the supernatural than even a SyFy television show could cover.

In short, Haunted By the Abyss is an interesting read but should be taken with a grain of salt.

Haunted By the Abyss is available from Llewellyn Press October 8, 2015. Look for it on Amazon


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