‘A Faster Horse’ Shows the Passionate World of the Ford Mustang


imgresWe are all fans of something. Maybe it’s a tv show, a sports team or a book series. A Faster Horse, a new documentary from the David Gelb (Jiro Dreams of Sushi), covers the intense love of the Ford Mustang. While there is a huge following regarding this particular type of vehicle, A Faster Horse chooses to cover the passionate design team as they create the 2015 edition of this iconic vehicle. The film follows the Chief Program Engineer, Dave Pericak, as he faces the difficult task of pleasing not only Ford, but also the thousands of devotees of the Mustang. It is all on Pericak to not only keep his team together during this process, but also to take on all the blame, and praise, that comes along with the project. The jobs of employees at the Ford Flat Rock Assembly Plant, as well as jobs in Detroit, are on all on his shoulders.

Before A Faster Horse, I was not aware that so much time, effort and sheer blind insanity went into creating such an iconic car. The film speaks with the original designers of the vehicle, as well as walks through the intense process of creating clay models, 3-D design and secret test drives.  A Faster Horse also addresses some of the famous figures responsible for the different incarnations of the iconic vehicle and the effect of the process on their lives and those of their families. From the Ford family to some of the designers who found themselves out of a job for failing to follow protocol, A Faster Horse gives the viewer a great idea of the difficulties and triumphs that go into creating a vehicle as well known as the mustang.

A Faster Horse had a few moments that made the film feel a bit too dramatic for me. These folks are deeply passionate about the Mustang and it shows. I’d really only seen this level of devotion in some religious orders. Still, when you think about all the jobs that depended upon the 2015 Mustang release going well, you can see where the filmmaking team is coming from.

A Faster Horse is currently making it’s rounds with the film festival community and is available on select VOD platforms.


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