Goon in The Theater Bizarre is Clever, Funny, and Somewhat Crass

Available October 14th, 2015 from Dark Horse Comics.

Available October 14th, 2015 from Dark Horse Comics.

As for my first introduction to The Goon comic series I have this to say: bravo writers, bravo! The wit in this comic is clever, subtle and somewhat crass. This comic focuses on Goon: your every day gruff, rough, tough and surprisingly insightful 1950’ish character. Goon is accompanied by Franky, a bookworm with a thirst for the ladies, and “Kid”…who is a kid. At first I wasn’t certain I would like this comic and the reason is sort of embarrassing…for the editor, not for me. There are a number of typos in the intro. I initially thought it was because Goon was narrating but after reading further it just did not seem to fit. However, once I looked past the blaring grammatical errors I was awed by the art work.

Goon in the Theater Bizarre is chalk full of colorful characters, frightening demons, prankster souls (of the damned variety) and some of the best witty dialogue (seriously, it rivals Rat Queens in some ways and I hold that series to high esteem). So what is Goon doing in the theater? Well, I won’t spoil the details but ¬†one trip through a foggy night lands Goon and his companions in Zombo’s Carnival. A Carnival sounds exciting until you discover that Zombo is a malevolent spirit that stalks the living on all Hallow’s Eve and, to Goon’s chagrin, it just so happens to be Halloween. Excitement abound, this comic takes its reader through adult themes and lands them smack dab in the middle of a devilish agreement. What happens to Goon? Will he escape Zombo? Will Kid (his name is not mentioned) ever get to trick or treat? Are there enough ladies to satisfy Franky’s salacious appetite?

Pick up a copy of Goon in The Theater Bizarre at your local comic shop October 14th or visit Dark Horse and order it online.

Remember: the devil is in the details…mwahahahaha!

Writer: Eric Powell

Artist: Eric Powell, John Dunivant

Cover Artist: Eric Powell


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