Colder: Toss the Bones #1 is Beautiful and Beyond Chilling


Cover for Colder: Toss the Bones #1If madness, gory violence, and horror makes you grin, then please check out Colder: Toss the Bones #1.

Colder:Toss the Bones #1 is pretty confusing for a new reader, since even this issues is part of an ongoing, and terrifying, story. In this issue, Nimble Jack is running amok, killing off people to feed his insatiable hunger. He is trying to find a person named Declan, who I am assuming tried to kill Nimble Jack.

Adding to rising terror with each panel, there was complete confusion just fueling the uneasiness. There is no  prologue or way for the reader to catch up. Most likely because this is one small part in a much larger and in-depth story. A  story that I, for one, am too scared to research about.

Pushing aside the horror a bit, this is a very intriguing story. Nimble Jack is a creature that the Joker wishes he could be. Nimble Jack is a refined and charming maniac. The murderous acts he commits are indecent but admittedly pretty humorous.

The artwork alone is mesmerizing. It’s uncanny how well balanced the bloody horrors and normal parts are. It’s done so seamlessly that it takes a double take to realize that Nimble Jack just stuffed a pigeon in a women’s brain and parts of the feathers are sticking out her nose. It happens that quickly. One moment it’s calm and then bloody bloody, gross gross, what the hell is happening sequence.

The monster in this issue was well worth enduring the horrors. A  humongous flea angler fish-like monster is a complete thing of beauty. It’s the same kind of fascinated horror when I look at images of deep sea creatures. So beautiful, mysterious, probably deadly, and I am glad that I am no where near it.

Those who are familiar with the story would have already known about picking up Colder:Toss the Bones #1. For those amused by whimpering, it’s available at your local comic book retailer. I would highly ask the comic book store where a good place to start would be however.

Writer: Paul Tobin
Artist:Juan Ferreyra


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