The CW Weekly Review: WHAT A WEEK!


It was a HOT week for CW this week as all of their returning shows premiered this week. I tried to watch them all, but sadly the week got the better of me. Which leads to one of my favorite shows, Supernatural off this weeks reviews. Sad day!

Other then that we have quick glances into my thoughts of this weeks episodes. Shows like Arrow, The Flash, and The Originals dominated their nights.


arrow season 2 posterArrow:  Wednesdays, 8:00pm ET The CW (60 min)

ARROW TIME! ARROW TIME! This is me as I chant and dance my way through my apartment, gathering my must needs before settling in to watch Season 4 Premier. (I CAN’T BELIEVE WE ARE AT SEASON 4) So here I am with my water bottle, Mr. Snugglesworth, Rocky the cat, and my computer so that I can track all the many thoughts that will be racing through my head as the minutes tick away. I really hope this episode is as exciting as I believe it will be.

……………………………………. What Just Happened? This episode not only blew my mind, but rocked my world. This was even more amazing then I had imagined it would be. I felt like a nut yelling at my TV at points, spilling my drink as I jumped for joy, and scaring off the cat by cursing. This episode had everything and more.

Thank god we only had to sit through the creepiness that was Oliver and Felicity playing house. While a man cooking is super yummy, I felt like Oliver was living a nightmare or at least I was stuck in a nightmare.

This episode moved fast, throwing curve balls constantly. I am so pumped up for this show right now and that’s exactly what a season premier should do. Wow…. I am thinking back to how awesome it was and I can’t just say it enough, Arrow’s season premier is flawless.


izombie posteriZombie: Tuesdays, 9:00pm ET The CW (60 min)

LET DOWN! With the way they left us last season, I was expecting more out of the gate. Maybe it’s because I watched this after Arrow, which was so jam packed with action, but something just felt mellow. Which by the way is completely odd, since everything that is going on is the exact opposite of mellow. I’m not sure where I can place the problem.

I loved the character as usual, except Blane for some reason. I get he is the bad guy and such, but I felt his character was different than who he had been the whole last season. I knew he would be a little different with being human and all, but in this episode he just rubbed me the wrong way. Now on the other hand my favorite trio of crime fighters, were just as awesome as usual.

And let’s not forget this week’s tasty brain side effects had me laughing the whole time. Whoever came up with the idea of the brain side effects when first drafting this, is a genius. Sure it’s done by the same guy from Veronica Mars and it defiantly feels as if I am watching Veronica Mars at times, but this one little element rockets iZombie into its own category.

Even if this episode didn’t really do it for me, I love this show and I know it will take a few episodes before things really take off. So fans, just sit back and enjoy the calm before the hurricane that we see brewing hits.


The Flash PosterThe Flash:

Tuesdays, 8:00pm ET The CW (60 min)

This is how most of the episode went: “WHAT IS GOING ON? Did I miss something? (Enter a short period of crying) Who is this guy? Sisco rocks my world more than ever. Sisco is a one liner god. Who the hell is that guy? (Enter a longer period of just down right sobbing)YAY! WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY?”

I am totally digging this episode. Once again The Flash was able to match the excitement that Arrow brings, but do it in its own style. While the Arrow is dark and action packed, The Flash is a little lighter on action and filled with awesomely random bits that make me snort. Sisco will and forever be my favorite character, but Dr. Martin Stein is almost as amazing. The way he named the latest villain so matter of fact, made me wish he wasn’t going to leave The Flash. I’m afraid he isn’t going to be able to shine like he is right now.

While I loved this episode, I was furious that they didn’t give me my five second sneak peek. Of course I can’t stand it when they do it because I want to know the answers now and not in future episodes. But this is a tradition I have come to love. I was not only devastated, but slightly angry when the small teaser at the end didn’t pop up.

The CW is killing premier week!


Th Originals The Originals:

Thursdays, 9:00pm ET The CW (60 min)

It really makes me uncomfortable that the siblings are at odds. I love the family dynamic, no matter how chaotic it is at times. It is probably one of the most amazing things about the show. This rift, is just killing me. But in a good way. I am super invested in this show and can’t wait to see where it is going to take us.

While the plot was riveting,  they manage to maintain the eerie gentle calm that I have come to really enjoy from The Originals. And while shows like Arrow and Flash are filled with action, The Originals is more methodical. Which I actually really enjoy, it plays on my love for strategy and chess. THE ORINGINALS IS JUST ONE GIANT CHESS TOURNAMENT!

Again The Originals season premier scores another win for The CW. I have to say I am super excited in this new turn the network is taking in the last few seasons. After Gossip Girl ended, it seemed the channel had a rough time finding its foot again. Sure it had Supernatural, but other shows were premiering and canceling within months of each other. But now, they are by far my favorite network. All these awesome episodes is making me even more excited about the new shows comings.


Vampire Diaries PosterThe Vampire Diaries:

Thursdays, 8:00pm ET The CW (60 min)

FINALLY! The Vampire Diaries is one of the very few shows I have been dying to see. The way they left it off last season, just had me wanting to skip summer all together to keep the story going. And yet after watching the episode, I feel a little lost. There are many things I like, and the last ten seconds totally grabbed my attention, but then there are these parts that just drive me crazy.

Last season when they showed the town closed up and Damon on the clock tower, I was expecting something epic. The only epic thing that really happened, is the very last few seconds of the episode. I’m hoping now that they went back to that time, we are going to stay in that three year gap. Not to mention, I can really do without this new Mom and her Heretics plot.

They come across as the new Mikaelsons, except that have no personality. Sure they tell us their personalities, but why are they not showing us. Then add in this weird side plot with Alaric. What is going on? Alaric is running around like a mad man and it is not attractive.

I’m slightly bummed. But I know I love this show and I’m super excited to see more of these characters now that Elena is gone. So I will keep my fingers crossed that this picks up.


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