31 Days of Horror: “Texas Chainsaw” is Cliche, But Gory!


TexasChainsawPeople in horror movies, I have come to conclude, are idiots. When a person is told that some grandparent they’ve never heard of has died, and that they have suddenly come into a large inheritance, their first question should be “Who is this?” Their second should be “Why me?” And fair enough, Heather (Alexandra Dadario) does wonder when she is approached by a stranger and told of the news of her new inheritance. Her first instinct is to go back to her parents and ask them about the inheritance and the strange grandmother. They tell her that she had been adopted, but the beginning of the movie explained more in depth of what they don’t tell her. When she goes to leave, she is warned by her parents not to go to Texas, but she is angry at them for lying to her and doesn’t listen. Heather, her boyfriend Ryan (Trey Songz) and a couple of friends decide to go to Texas together to learn about her real family.

At this point in the movie, I was already annoyed, and I wasn’t even halfway through. It was so cliché…a pretty young girl wants to go see this place that will likely turn out to be bad news, and she brings along other people who are likely to get themselves all killed. I was ready to walk out of that movie theater the day I first saw it…but for some reason, I decided to stay. I’m glad I did actually. As annoying as the movie is in the beginning, it gets into some pretty dark corners, and really makes your hairs stand on end. More warnings surface about the house, an important letter is ignored, and the townspeople (especially the authorities) act stranger than what could even resemble normality. Thievery, cheating, deception, and worse lay the foundations on which this TexasChainsaw2bloody horror is built. The truth about what happened to the Sawyers sends Heather into a rage, and she fights the forces that would sooner have her destroyed for her lineage than help her save herself and her friends.

This movie is most definitely not for those with weak stomachs. The blood and gore is incredibly good, and frankly, is the only reason I sat through the film. I couldn’t help but cover my eyes at first, but after a while, I got really excited by how well it’s all done. My favorite gory scenes are when Leatherface is seen cutting apart the bodies of his victims (I won’t tell you who he grabs though…no spoilers from me this time!) and when he acquires another “mask” from a separate victim’s face!

If you’re brave enough, settle in and watch this creepy gore-fest with your doors locked tight. You’re in for a bloody ride!


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