‘Baby Badass’: Terrifying Enough to Promote Abstinence


BabyBadAssCoverHaving a baby is supposed to be something beautiful. Sweet and soft, they’ve been called “little bundles of joy” for years and years. But when the baby is found naked in the brush of a desert, and by the end of the night is covered in blood, you can’t really describe that as bundle of joy. Baby Badass begins out in the middle of nowhere, in a bar with strippers, rowdy bikers, and a young virgin girl named Joey who is obviously new on the job. Her boss, Shiver, is quite angry with her that she hasn’t begun shaking her tail feathers on a pole for the world to watch. Shirl, the motherly barkeep, obviously cares for Joey, but she can’t do anything much more than simply offer advice and warn her about the foul-tempered Shiver. When Joey goes on a smoke-break, she finds a baby boy in the bushes and vows to take care of and protect him, calling him her “Little Angel.” But Joey is in for a big surprise when Shiver shows up and begins to beat up on her, accusing her of being promiscuous and birthing the baby herself…because her Little Angel is actually a huge badass!

As the bar breaks into a fight, the entire scene gets gory when the baby suddenly becomes this outrageous killer, and begins slaughtering everyone in the bar. Where in the world did this baby come from? Why is a seemingly innocent baby suddenly ripping heads and hearts from bodies? As chaos ensues, we see more blood, gore, and action from the infant and his ditzy guardian as they make their escape from a bigger threat than a few bikers.

The art is sometimes spotty, but still rather well done, and the characters are entertaining. The next issue promises the origin story and background of Baby Badass, and I am very excited to continue reading!

Written by: David Schrader

Art by: Tim Larsen
28 Pages, Full Color
$1.99 Digital/$3.99 Printed
Buy your copy of “Baby Badass” here!


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