Retro Loonacy: Great Game with a New Look


Retro Loonacy Card GameI loooove Loonacy. For awhile it held my number one spot for games. Check out my review, here.  Finally, Looney Labs has taken a step back from their ever popular Fluxx games, and gave Loonacy a make over. I love retro anything, so when I first heard about the new look I couldn’t contain my excitement.

Cards from Retro LoonacyRetro Loonacy follows all the same rules as Loonacy. The only real difference is the artwork on the cards. Which I am totally digging. The new artwork is just amazing. My personal favorite is the Robot. But at times I really dig the VHS.

At first I wasn’t a fan of the color choices because it slowed down my game. However, I quickly came to love the extra challenge it was creating. Instead of the game zooming by or someone emptying ten cards in a second, Retro Loonacy slowed down a small fraction to make it a little more competitive.

I already know that Retro Loonacy will be the front runner at all my family holidays this year. You can pick up your copy at your local gaming store or one their site ($15.00).



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