‘The Virgin Killers’: The Church Has New Weapons


VirginKillersCoverWhen you see a nun, the last thing you’d expect her to do at any given time is to fight demons like a ninja. So naturally, when I found The Virgin Killers at Long Beach Comic Con, I was pretty excited to read it. The cover depicts two nuns in complete garb, standing back to back and wielding katana blades. The art is drawn almost like a stained glass window. With demons below them and angels above, they look menacing and ready to take out anything that comes against them. The cover art really set me up for a good story, so when I opened the comic and began to read, I was disappointed.

The comic begins with the two girls fighting something in the present day, but the panels are so dark that I had to sit directly beneath a light or a window to comprehend what the dark shapes were. The story was confusing because the writing was done poorly.It was hard to piece together sometimes, but after reading it a couple of times, I got the basics down.

The girls were left in a church in Spain with Father Ronan, a Scottish priest, by their birth father, who ran away crying saying that the church had to protect the babies. In panels that are labeled as being 14 years later, Ronan has taken the girls under his wing and is training them in ninja arts he learned in Japan. Caterina is the sister with dark hair, and she is better behaved than her blonde sister, Lucia. Lucia is rebellious and does not believe in the evil forces trying to steal them from Ronan, and it is made apparent that she often drags her sister into bad situations where they get in a lot of trouble. Lucia appears to be an alcoholic, and Caterina is more sensible. Multiple times, there are fight scenes in which Father Ronan slays demons or tries to fight them off, but the dialogue is poorly written and the scenes are boring. I didn’t understand the way the demons and monsters came out towards the end, and I didn’t understand a panel where a Father is hearing a confession and a demon pops out of nowhere and then never appears again through this specific issue of the story.

I think that the comic has a lot of great potential, but really needs some work. The art needs to be a little brighter in areas where it’s too dark to see much. Inconsistencies and poor organization of the speech bubbles also made reading more difficult, and there should probably be a lot of work done on the writing. The story feels like it is heavily lacking on details and clarity. I would enjoy reading further if some of those loose ends could be tied back up in the writing, but if the next issue follows in the same way, I will not be reading further in Virgin Killers.

From: Andaway Comics
Created by: Richard Itskovich
Written by: Jeff Marvin
Art/Ink by: Alex Yi
36 Pages, Full Color

$3.99 US


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