Trapped In A Room With A Zombie: High-Energy, Suspenseful, and Full Of Surprises!


trappedinaroomBlood decorates the walls, created  by a mad man as he turned from respected Doctor of Virology into a brain-hungry monster with enough energy to get a horde jumping and moving around like fans at a Metallica concert. In his attempts to create a cure for a virus, he pricked himself with a nasty, virulent needle and found himself transforming into a member of the undead. My brain was already full of adrenaline and my limbs were burning with the desire to dodge and dart around a room holding a zombie on a chain! What I was not prepared for was the amazing time I had.

When we entered the building alongside with seven others, we were given name-tags and told to create new comedic names for ourselves. After a rundown of the rules, we were let into a room that had walls covered in organic graffiti, locked boxes, cupboards, and drawers scattered about. When we entered, a buzzer rang and a clock began counting down the minutes until we were to be eaten. After mere minutes, one set of doors in the room full of cabinets burst open, and from within came a zombie on a chain! The chain connected to two handcuffs, where the doctor was smart enough to trap himself before turning into a full zombie. As he lashed out at us and tried to get ahold of the dinner dangling in front of him, we ran squealing in all directions. Then five minutes passed…a buzzer sounded loud and clear…and the chain the zombie was on got a full foot longer!

Over time, the zombie continued to get closer. His energy was infectious. Multiple times, I tried to get past him, rarely succeeding. The first time, I tried to lift a bolted tool box from the floor. That did not turn out well at all. As I continued to help my team find clues, I jumped back and forth into the areas where the zombie was not, and tried to save my own skin whilst keeping the group’s skins intact. The clues were hard in some cases and really simple in others. I was prying the information from my brain one moment and instructing others in the next. My partner, Kimmi, solved a rather large portion of puzzles herself. Other strong players included a young man by the nickname “Babyboy,” and a pair of older males known as the “Archi twins” (Archi Bald and Archi Hairy), all three of whom used their brains, bodies, and spirit to keep the game going strong.

As the clock ticked down, we grew panicky…until it happened. We found the final clue, and then we were home free, with only two minutes to spare! We were a crowd of cheering, laughing, shaky comrades, all survivors of the room and the flesh-loving doctor. Thanks to the wonderful performances of the employees, Dylan the host, and Matt the zombie, our experience was realistic and challenging.

20151009_215536Dylan, snappy and hilarious, made us all feel welcome while prodding us to get into the mood. He’s been with Room Escape Adventures in Los Angeles for about a year and learned the ins and outs of the business. He began working in the room as a zombie, but the physical toll it takes on one’s body to put out so much movement and sound was a bit taxing for him, and Dylan found his place at the front entrance. He is really someone you want to listen to. When he interacts with you, you’ll learn a lot.

Matt, the Energizer bunny of the horde, is not afraid to chase you down on hands and knees, reach for you through and around items, and do forward flips to get his hands (or feet) on you and kill you! A big fan of his own jumpscares, he worked first in the location in Chicago, but then moved to Los Angeles and joined the fun in August. He likes to watch people have their real reaction, and he enjoys when the visitors can’t find their ways past him. Keep a close eye on Matt’s (or another zombie’s) behavior, and you’ll immediately recognize what a hungry zombie wants!

Both men agree, the entire game is dependent on your group. If you have smarts or speed, you will be a valuable member to the team. The success of the group depends on the team as a whole. We had a great team, and a fantastic time. In the end, we emerged unscathed, and the team got to take a group photo. A part two is planned, and I am already signed up to get into this incredible room when it opens. This room was fun, challenging, suspenseful, and somewhat frightening. I warn players to be wary of the zombie chain. Don’t trip on it, tug on it, or do anything that could potentially hurt your zombie. They were people once too!

I’d recommend this to any adult with a zombie obsession (like myself), and then to people who don’t even like zombies. It is such a mind workout, that it’s amazing. Do you dare enter the room with the doctor? Can you free yourself in time?

Book your room today with up to 12 friends, or take the chance with strangers at Room Escape Adventures today!


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