TMG’s Dungeon of Fortune: An Upgraded Dungeon Roll


Dungeon of Fortune Game BoxDungeon of Fortune is basically Dungeon Roll upgraded. Don’t get me wrong, the game is awesome. I love the different elements they changed, as well as the new bits they added. This upgrade made a good game, AWESOME.

Dungeon of Fortune follows the same story line as Dungeon Roll. You and your team are heading into a dungeon that has a few different levels. Your goal is to explore as long as possible, before you are forced to leave. While the games are similar, they are also very different. The main difference being the type of games they are. Dungeon Roll is a dice game, where as Dungeon of Fortune is more of an overall board game. But both of them are games that will have you pushing your luck.

I’m a fan of dice games, but for me their draw is usually short lived. Which is why I think it is amazing that TMG created Dungeon of Fortune. This upgrade adds tons of elements that will keep this game fresh and exciting. For example, when you set up the game, players must each grab a character to play. The character sheets have two sides, to allow different levels of playing. I love that because my friends are mixed in their views of games they prefer, which makes it hard to agree. However, with Dungeon of Fortune this option caters to those different tastes.

Another thing I love about the character sheets are the advantages that differ between characters. This allows me to keep playing until I’ve had a chance to play all the characters. It also keeps me on my toes, for different characters will be able to face monsters differently.

Cards from Dungeon of FortuneBesides the character sheets, I enjoyed the new cards. The cards in the game basically tell you what you are going to face. They are divided up depending on your dungeon level. So as you can imagine, the deeper you get into the dungeon the harder the challenges you might face. However, be careful because as the game continues and your moving the dungeon level counter on top and your personal level on the side, sometimes the two will get mixed up.

Other cards you might come across is the Piffer card which allows you to steal or the dragon cards. When you reach your third dragon you must fight him or run away. If you are forced to run away, you leave the dungeon and your loot behind and your turn for the round ends. If you defeat the dragon, only one of the three dragons leave. This means if you draw a dragon card again it counts as your third and you enter battle once more.

The only downside to this game was getting through the instructions. The first issue we ran into was that the section about Scrolls had been left out. From there, it seemed to just get a little confusing and jumbled. It wasn’t until we searched the internet for a few videos, that we got the grasp of it. This tends to be something I find in TMG games. For some reason their instruction books are always confusing to me. Love the games, hate the instructions.

Dungeon of Fortune is a lot of fun and a great upgrade for fans of Dungeon Roll. Pick up Dungeon of Fortune on Amazon for $20.99 and bring this game to your next game night.




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