“Scream Queens” Continues to Provide Comedy and Horror on a Collegian Scale


ChanelNo1After the amazing series premiere of the Scream Queens pilot and episode two which were shown back to back on premiere night, how could I not tune in for episode three? Murder, revenge, the angst of teens who are not quite big enough for their pants, and a serial killer…what could make this show any better?…

reddevilThe Chanels and their mismatched pledges are in for a rough and rocky ride as things get shaken up in Kappa house. Dean Munsch is determined to bring Chanel number 1 down, and she is just as determined to stay on top, despite her relationship troubles with Chad as he mourns Boone’s apparent death. Chanel number 3 still has the annoying earmuffs that I want to rip from her perfectly-preened head and is making herself a new friend. Chanel number 1 also picks up a new project… Hester (aka, Neck-brace). I loved this scene. Nothing could have possibly been better for her Royal Creepiness. She gets to fit in and feel pretty, when her scoliosis never allowed her to before. Of course, it’s only for Chanel’s image, but it’s still a great thing. Even better, Chanel getting immediately shut down when planning another hazing game involving drugs and adult toys.

As the house gets restless, Chad realizes that Boone couldn’t possibly have committed suicide. He and his buddies decide to call out the Red Devil while Grace continues her detective work, the typical teen ducking beneath Dad’s radar. Again, I ask…what could make this show any better? How about TWO Red Devils? Be prepared for some hilariously fake blood and an ever-increasing pile-up of accusations, and an ending to this episode that will possibly make your theories bite the dust.

Who’s the killer? Dean Munsch? Pete? Zayday? I’ve got a new theory, but I’m not sharing it! Stay tuned in for more sorority and slasher drama!


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