Cantina Scene Review: ‘Game of Scones’ Reminds us all that Dinner is Coming


cover69512-medium (1)The new cookbook Game of Scones, credited to Jammy Lannister, is one of those fandom cookbooks you can read for fun and enjoy baking with. With recipes such as the Red (Velvet) Wedding Cake, the Iron Scone, Brienne of Tart, Tyrion’s short bread and even Oberyn’s Smashing Head Suprise. If you can make it through laughing while turning the pages, most of the recipes seem well put together. While I was only able to sample a preview of the book, it is most definitely on my to purchase list.

Some of my favorite instructions include:

  • “Ask Joffrey to give you a hand with the beating”
  • “Sit back and wait for ‘The Rains of Castamere’ to play”
  • “Stand back and admire the light of the Seven. Keep away from others…The Iron Scone can NEVER be shared”

Game of Scones is available November 5, 2015, just in time for your Christmas battles for the Iron Throne.


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