“Forever Unclean!” or How a Woman Who Knows Nothing About Sports Fell in Love with ‘The League’



It was late one weekday night when I dropped by a friend’s house for a bottle glass of wine and a few random conversations. As we uncorked the bottle and began to vent about human interactions, I noticed that a certain show about Fantasy Football was on in the background. Though I’ve never so much as tried to figure out a line-up of football stars, I found myself instantly drawn to the FX show The League.

For the uninitiated, The League is not something you should watch with your boss, children or parents in the room with you. It is foul-mouthed, vulgar and full of some of the worst people you’ll ever meet. Think It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia meets basically any Meet Up group you’ve ever been to, peppered with a couple advanced degrees and football.  Watching the show, I am constantly horrified at the actions between supposed friends, and yet strangely giddy by the action I know is coming. The League is predictable humor, and from the very beginning you can often see the setup. That’s part of the fun. There are even random and totally inappropriate songs by Taco, the weed-smoking entrepreneur behind all the failed ideas of Tacocorp.


The characters are all at once hatefully likeable. They capture our greatest fears and broadcast them on the screen under the guise of an 8-man Fantasy Football team.  No one is safe from their humor. No one. There are jokes about insane asylums, sexual positions and every culture and sexuality on the planet. I want to hate myself sometimes when laughing at some of the situations that occur.


For those that understand and deeply love football, the banter over which team members to draft and who is involved in what will make you laugh. At one point in time, the crew even ends up meeting the owner of the Dallas Cowboys due to a very well-placed mistake on purchasing an internet domain name. Famous agents and football stars show up regularly as guest stars. Oh, and guest stars? This show has so many it will make your head spin. From Eliza Dushku as a Krav Maga instructor to Aziz Ansari as a rival plastic surgeon, the show constantly has me asking “is that who I thought it was?” Even Mark Evan Jackson of The Thrilling Adventure Hour makes an appearance as the father of one of the cast members (he is far too young and beautiful…I mean….Hi Mark).

You don’t have to love football to enjoy The League. You don’t have to like people to enjoy The League. In fact, if you like The League, chances are you have a pretty love/hate relationship with people.

The League airs Wednesdays at 10:00pm on FX and the first 5 seasons are now available on Netflix.  You have been warned.




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