31 Days of Horror: “Aftermath” is Terrifying and Completely Unhinging


AftermathCoverAs I squirmed and whimpered in disgust and fear as I stared at my laptop screen, even as my friend and fellow reviewer, Kimmi, remarked that if I of all people was repulsed, the movie had to be horrifying.

Aftermath, a short 30-minute film made and released from Spain in 1994, takes place in a morgue. I have always loved dark, macabre things. I have always enjoyed a gore-fest, haunting, or zombies, and even the occasional movie about cannibalism. But this film made me cringe. It made me want to slam my laptop shut and crawl into the nearest corner, but I settled for taking a shower and scrubbing myself vigorously…especially my face.

AftermathEvilFucker My skin was crawling from the first five minutes. The opening credits themselves featured a gruesome scene that ended up being tame compared to the rest of the film. My biggest issue with the film is the sexual violence displayed towards helpless victims. This film is haunting and violent, and my body was physically aching and in pain while watching the brutality of the mortician. I couldn’t stop watching, but looking at the scenes playing out brought tears to my eyes and bile rose in my throat. Aftermath put me on edge and made me vow aloud to never go into a morgue. I literally chewed my nails down to nubs in a nervous fit as the most terrifying mutilations occurred, ruining my progress in growing them out and leaving behind my days as a chronic nail-biter. I read on Google that apparently, the film I saw is a part of a trilogy, but I am too afraid to watch the preceding and following short films by director Nacho Cerdà.

This film is grotesque, and I will not recommend it to anyone who has a weakness to blood or cadavers, and I will say that nobody under 18 should even think about watching it. Although I give a hearty round of applause to the creators, actors, etc…I am shocked, disturbed, and disgusted. I warn readers to pursue this film with extreme caution and a barf-bag.


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