31 Days of Horror: Tucker and Dale Versus Evil (2010)



Horror does not do well with this reviewer. Gore makes me flinch and clench my guts. Horror will seep into my thoughts before manifesting into nightmares. Normally, I shy away from them. Except for horror/comedies. I LOVE horror comedy. Especially, when it’s masking a genuinely sweet love story.

This movie is a genuine underrated gem. Tucker and Dale Versus Evil takes the typical trope of “redneck” killers and flips it the other way around. From first glance Tucker (played by Alan Tudyk) and Dale (played by Tyler Labine) seem like your typical suspicious redneck characters in a horror movie They’ve got the trucker hats, the overalls, make disgusting faces, and stare at people.

Instead, Tucker and Dale are two best friends who are celebrating their purchase of a vacation home. A vacation home in need of a fixer-upper (like lots of fixer-uppers). As for the overalls, well, they are fixing a dilapidated home. The staring? Poor Dale is shy and awkward around beautiful women.

The beautiful women being mentioned are the college seniors out on a camping trip alongside their male buddies. As with typical horror movie style, they eye Tucker and Dale but quickly regain their focus on their trip: to drink beer and get laid!

These two parties would have gone their separate ways of the camping students weren’t so close to the cabin. It would have been fine it wasn’t the anniversary of a gruesome murder story. Many people would have been alive if evil didn’t lurk among them.

The gore portions in this movie are definitely bloody and gruesome but are very over-exaggerated and unrealistic. More along the lines of the gore bits in Evil Dead 2. Plus, they are just plain funny! I’ve watched this movie dozens of times and I still sputter in laughter at the impending death scenes.

By far, the favorite portion of this movie is the sweet love story underneath it all. Not to give much away but the lovebirds are as polar opposite as you can get. Yet even amidst all the horror and deaths, the two were able to connect on a deeper level and found themselves attracted to one another. They lend each other strength and support when it’s truly needed. Pretty handy when a chainsaw is about to sever you in pieces. It is a surprise to see such a genuine love story between these unconventional characters.

This is a movie that I recommend for everyone: those who are skittish about horror, those who love horror, for couples, for singles, for friends, anyone. This really does have something for everyone. The story is fun, the comedy is solid, the love story is sweet, and there is enough horror elements to make you jump. Perfect Halloween movie for everyone!



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