“American Horror Story: Hotel” Mama Monster is Wicked and Bloody Delightful


LadyGagaAHS1Most of my friends know I am a huge Little Monster. I have loved Lady Gaga since she began and will continue to love and support her and everything she stands for. She’s a strong woman with an enormous heart and she uses her fame and power for amazing things. As a member of the LGBT community myself, and someone who struggles with mental health issues, her work to promote awareness, acceptance, and empowerment for youth, the LGBT community, the military, and others has made her one of the most popular and well-known women in the world. Her other-worldly looks aside, her Born Brave Bus made a huge splash in 2012 and her famous meat dress was worn to raise awareness of the military’s unfair Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. She is a beacon of light to those suffering from the issues she addresses, so naturally, when I heard she’d be in American Horror Story, I knew that this would be the season that I became addicted to having not watched the others regularly. The first episode proved me to be 100% correct.

As the show began and the Swedish tourists made their entrance, I found myself plotting horrible things that I wanted to happen to them in true AHS fashion. I know, I’m a terrible and morbid person, but how can you sit through ten minutes without something terrifying on this show? It would be utterly boring! I was also relieved to find Kathy Bates return for another season. Kathy is an amazing actress and her strong voice and physical characteristics make her a joy on the screen, whether she is good or evil (or anything in between) and her presence brings me personally a sort of calmness. And who can forget Matt Bomer and that fantastic head of hair? His snarky attitude and drop-dead gorgeous looks are making his character more and more desirable to viewers around the world. These three characters are the backbone of this series, each playing an irrefutable role in the first two episodes, which I could not bear to stop watching, sealing my decision to watch and review the entire season.

The Countess (Lady Gaga) who lives in and seems to dominate the hotel is cold, but beautiful, and strikes fear into hearts at a glance. She is also rather alluring, and siren that she is, pulls her weight and then some in the provider’s category. I personally love her glamorous yet devilish character, and I find myself more and more intrigued at every turn. Her role in the history of the hotel is made quite apparent as well, so it’s obvious that the Countess has been in it for the long haul. Flashbacks make it clear that she is no small character, as do they show that the other characters we meet in the hotel have more sinister and deeper pasts than you may have guessed upon first glance.

Nothing cuts out a great television show for me like blood, monsters, sex appeal, and history. Thankfully, AHS: Hotel has all of these things and more. With the amazing cast list full of new and returning actors/actresses, fans old and new will fall in love with this season as it continues. I know I certainly have, and I’m determined to stick alongside Gaga every step of the show. Yes, I am obsessed, and you will be too after you tune in.


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