CMX 2015: Riding the Coat Tails of Yesteryear


Whenever I write a review about a convention I try my best to highlight the positive aspects of the convention. Unfortunately, what was once my absolute favorite convention has fallen victim to poor marketing and an overconfidence in attendance based on a spectacular inaugural year.

As with any new event/convention/expo the first year’s attendance varies. Typically you will see more attendees due to sheer curiosity. CMX 2014 saw an over-abundance of participants/customers because of their AMAZING voice actor line up (they had Korra and Zuko from The Legend of Korra). CMX 2015 boasted Karl Yune and Bill Salyers: two big names in animation and TV. Due to late marketing and a lack of diverse communication methodology those guests were not highlighted efficiently. CMX 2015 also hosted a plethora of professional cosplay guests. If you have a guest at a convention the attendee wants to see them front and center: make them the highlight of your event and have them to the side or at the entrance of the vendor hall. Heck, even have them in their own separate hallway but don’t do what is becoming a growing habit with new conventions: DON’T PUT THEM IN THE BACK! Sure, it ensures your customers must peruse/walk past the exhibitors/vendors but it also creates confusion and generates frustration for a customer who attends specifically for one person/group.

The panel support was also somewhat upsetting. I hosted three panels at this event and only received support for the first panel. Panels 2 and 3 (hosted on the final day of the convention) offered no staff support which was especially frustrating as the projector was askew due to a previous panelists altering the projector’s position. All logistical and organizational upsets aside, the staff that I could find were friendly and the event was an overall social success.

There were A LOT of great places to take photos. While roaming around on Saturday I ran into a group of Fem Robins…

Along with a few femme fatales…

Saturday was also the day of the masquerade. My Teen Titans Girls Night Out Team won best in Novice! It was a great time! Here are a few shots of us as we waited for the masquerade to begin…

While I cannot deny my disappointment I must admit the adventure of the weekend was well worth the frustration of the event. Perhaps bigger and better things are in store for CMX 2016…only time will tell.


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