‘Heroine Chic’ Combines High Fashion and Superherodom



Are fashion and superheroes your thing? A new comic, Heroine Chic, has launched on the digital comic platform LINE Webtoon. The comic is an action-adventure-romance that lovingly mocks the Superhero and High Fashion worlds. For example, in an early issue they poke fun at the new 52 costume changes of Jim Lee. The story follows Zoe Porter, a 24 year-old recent design school graduate living in a New York City filled with superheroes. She lands her dream job working for the top designer of superhero costumes, Dyna Cuff. Her boss, Dyna, is a difficult fashion diva and their superhero clients are both vain and insecure.

Artist Audrey Mok and writer David Tischer are headlining the comic. The idea of the comic came to Tischman one day while noticing a woman wearing Koral shiny leggings and a sports bra:

“I write comic books,” Tischman said. “That’s a superhero costume.”

Heroine Chic Panel Chapter 1

“I started thinking about all those great Bob Mackie costumes, and about Mary Quant in London in the early 60’s, and about Courrèges,” Tischman added. The idea for HEROINE CHIC came fast after that. “Superheroes are aspirational – and so is fashion,” Tischman said. “We put on clothes and we become someone else. Our secret identity is when we’re naked, standing in the closet, trying to figure out who we’re going to be that day.”

Though the comic focuses on the realm of high fashion, it is by no means just intended for women.

The first 3 chapters of the series are LIVE now, available on the LINE Webtoon site or by downloading the official LINE Webtoon app. for smartphones. New chapters of the 130-page series will roll out each week.



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