EVE: Valkyrie A Vision of Space Combat and Power


Eve:ValkyrieDark Horse comics recently released EVE: Valkyrie which serves as a prelude to the new EVE Online game due for release, along with the Oculus Rift, sometime in 2016. This virtual reality themed game will be represented in comic format as it’s creator studio (CCP Games) puts the final touches on the much anticipated new release. This is the first comic series I have read that revolves around a game. It’s intriguing to think that once the comic ends I can bring the character to life on my television by purchasing a disk or download and becoming that persona. Game details aside, here is the run down on this action-packed comic.

Written by Brian Wood with illustrations from: Eduardo Francisco, Michael Atiyeh and Borkur Eiriksson, EVE: Valkyrie presents a vision of space combat that rivals modern Sci-Fi themes. Valkyrie focuses on the political nature of space travel and survival. Ran, the protagonist, provides the reader with a summary of her life. There are panels chalk full of space ships, space suits, space combat and…well, space. The illustrations are fluid, colorful and energetic. Each character has a unique attribute to them that makes them interesting (which is something I enjoy when reading comics as certain artists have a tendency to draw the same facial/body shapes over and over again). There are explosive scenes where Ran and her squad are caught in the middle of dangerous combat. Each panel is deliciously detailed and the surreal tone of the story creates a fantastic sci-fi ambiance.

As someone who had not heard of EVE: Valkyrie this comic piqued my interest. After all, who doesn’t want to be a bad ass space pilot? Join the tale by picking up a copy of the comic at your local shop or by ordering it online HERE. Let’s join the freedom movement; let’s join Valkyrie!


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