Five Stormtrooper Helmets That Will Have You Lining Up to Join the Empire


Stormtroopers have the reputation for being faceless mooks, near the lowest rung in the Imperial army. This is propaganda spread solely by the enemies of the Empire. There is always the chance of promotion. You may end up working near the Sith Lord himself!

In addition, the uniform regulations are more varied than posters would have you believe. These five helmets are just a few of the multiple possibilities for the ambitious stormtrooper ready to serve his Empire in far-flung locations.

For the Environmentally Conscious Stormtrooper

Just because you work for an organization that destroys planets doesn’t mean you can’t care for the environment. The Emperor shoots lightning, after all, and what could be more environmental than that?

The stormtrooper who wants to honor his Emperor and take care of the environment has some excellent choices this season.

Cereal Box Stormtrooper Helmet

Made by Steve Wintercroft. Image from Fashionably Geek. Other work by the artist on

1. There is the cereal-box helmet

Made from 100% recycled materials, this lightweight, comfortable helmet provides as much protection as the standard-issue armor while helping save trees throughout the galaxy.

2. The shoe helmet

Like the cereal box helmet, this one can be made from recycled materials, allowing the stormtrooper to go into battle with a clear conscience and some color.

Tin Can Helmet

Made by Makaon. Image found on LifeStyle Hacker. Additional artwork is located on the artist’s blog

3. The tin can helmet.

They’re going to call you a tin-can soldier anyway. Why not embrace the title? Go out drinking with your buddies and craft this reminder to wear into battle.

The Family-Oriented Trooper

Lego Stormtrooper Helmet

Made by Nathan Sawaya. Further creations by him found on

4. The Lego helmet

Before leaving home, get together with your children and build this beautifully intricate Lego Helmet. Crafting this piece of armor will help you create good memories for the time you spend apart. Also, it has a bow tie. Bow ties are cool.

The Stylish Stormtrooper

Carbon Fiber Stormtrooper Helmet

Made by engineering technician for San Diego Composites. Images and further information here

5. The trooper with money and time can call on friends to help create this carbon-fiber armor. It is sleek, beautiful, and a lot stronger than the standard-issue armor. Be the envy of all your squad-mates!


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