Time to Split the Party in ‘The Prophecy Con’ by Patrick Weekes


Cover for The Prophecy ConThe Prophecy Con finds Loch and her company in even more trouble than they were in The Palace Job. Having given away the book of Elven love poems they stole in The Palace Job, they find themselves having to steal it again. The Imperials are threatening to go to war with the Republic and will accept either Loch or the book as payment. Loch still has enemies in the Republic who are trying to bring her down, a princess from the Empire is pursuing her, demons are targeting her, and the party seems to gather more enemies as it travels.

It makes sense to split the party: Loch and her crew will head out for the manuscript, Pyvic will try to keep tabs on the Elf who has it, and the others will do some research to figure out just why a book of erotic love poetry has become so important.

Weekes has given the group even more enemies this time around, some of whom are downright creepy. He’s also chosen to reveal more about each enemy as the book goes on, and they only get scarier that way. The book is full of fights of all kinds, plentiful cheating, and more than a little bloodshed as the party fights to gain their prize.There is also a poker game with peculiar rules and high stakes. Like the first book, The Prophecy Con is face-paced, fun reading suitable for a good weekend or holiday read. Readers should be warned that it is hard to put down as Weekes takes advantage of the split party to multiply the cliffhangers. He can switch points of view at crucial moments, ensuring that someone is always in dire straits.

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