Godzilla in Hell #4


STK685516Written by Brandon Seifert

Art by Ibrahim Moustafa

Colors by Marissa Lousie

For the past three issues Godzilla has traversed the levels of hell.  Godzilla has fought demons and angels in the forms of friends and foes.  Nothing has been as it seemed and never in a good way.  No matter how bad things look, they are always worse than they appear.  Yet Godzilla moves forward, as unstoppable as an earthquake.

In Issue #3 (spoiler ahead) Godzilla battles Space Godzilla and destroys the Earth.   The Earth is destroyed only to find Godzilla waking up in another level of hell.   The radioactive leviathan gets up and marches on to the next horrible battle. 

Demons in hell appear to Godzilla in the forms of friends and foes.  The battles are  beautifully rendered and choreographed.  In the last issue Godzilla had to break through from the level he occupied into the next level. 

It is in this new level of hell that Issue #4 picks up and the foes are two of the greatest Godzilla has ever faced:  King Ghidorah and Destroyah.  Artist Ibrahim Moustafa realizes King Ghidorah beautifully.  To me the care taken in the details of the Kaiju speaks of a labor of love.

I have to confess that King Ghidorah is one of my favorite Kaiju and also, if you ask me, one of the most beautiful.  To see the monster realized so carefully really added to my enjoyment of this comic. 

Destroyah is well done but Destroyah has always embodied cruelty, even for a kaiju.  Destroyah just likes being a jerk under normal circumstances.  Most monsters have some kind of understandable motivation.  Godzilla is territorial and doesn’t like nuclear power or really any power sources.  Mothra protects the Earth.  Gigan is a space cyborg.  Desghidorah feeds upon the energy of the Earth, or any planet with life on it.  Destroyah is just a destructive jerk.  Of course he was created by the Oxygen Destroyer so that stands to reason.

Saving King Ghidorah and Destroyah for this battle is clever writing and speaks to a deep understanding of the Godzillaverse.  These are two of the toughest monsters Godzilla has ever faced and they are always tough battles.  They are difficult by themselves, teaming them up makes it that much harder on Godzilla.

There are some terrible moments in this battle.  Godzilla suffers in Hell.  Of that there is no doubt but there is no reflection either.  It’s suffering for suffering’s sake.  I’m looking forward to seeing where this finally ends up.

Now I expect the series is building to a climatic conclusion and the ending of Issue #4 is somewhat curious.  I don’t want to spoil it but it is very interesting and somewhat unexpected.  I’m looking forward to the final issue. K.


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