STARZ Announces Worldwide Release of ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’



Raise those Boomsticks high, folks.  Our undead cries were heard!

On 10/22 Starz announced that they have secured over 100 countries and territories for an international same-day premiere for the much-anticipated TV series, “Ash Vs. The Evil Dead.” Providers are included from Russia, the Middle East, New Zealand and Scandinavia making it a worldwide release for our favorite monster slayer.

Chief Revenue Officer Michael Thornton is thrilled with the news. “Fans of ‘The Evil Dead’ have spoken with great passion and interest around the world, sparking high buyer demand for ‘Ash vs Evil Dead.’  We are delighted to be able to provide flexibility to many of the key buyers serviced by Starz Worldwide Distribution and Starz Digital, and thus allow for a wave of local ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ worldwide premieres on the ‘groovy’ date of October 31.”

For those newbies or horror fans who live under a rock, “Ash Vs. The Evil Dead” sees Bruce Campbell, (Army of Darkness, Burn Notice,) returning to his iconic role. Ash Williams is an aging stock boy by day, chainsaw-handed demon slayer by night. Beaded on the original film from 1981,  we see Ash get dragged kicking and screaming, literally, into the most be grudging savior of the world. “Ash Vs. The Evil Dead” catches up with Williams 30 years after his epic battles  with evil, and checks in with the anti-hero to see how much has changed.  The answer is not much.

Filling out the cast is another fan favorite Lucy Lawless, (Xena, Spartacus,) with Ray Santiago and Kelly Maxwell. The season consists of 10 half-hour long episodes,  and is Executive Produced by original filmmakers Campbell, Sam Raimi, (The “Spiderman” Trilogy,) and Rob Tapert with showrunner Craig DiGregorio.

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