Mistress of Death: Wyrdwerks Delivers Skull Soaps for Bathtime


After a successful Kickstarter, artist and soapmaker Eden Grace has begun sending out the promised packages of her skull-shaped soaps and lotions. As I have a terrible tendency to forget when Kickstarters are shipping, I was delighted to find a small brown package addressed to me.

When I opened the package, I found a solid lotion and two soaps with that definite Memento Mori feel. Usually, I’m not a big scented soap person, but when I came across the Kickstarter and her Etsy store, I couldn’t resist supporting someone who makes skull soap.

Wyrdwerks, her Etsy store, has various scents including:

Campfire~ A blend of earth, wood, and smoke including essential oils of sage and birch.

Cloven Rosa~ A sensual sweet blend of spice and flowers including essential oils of clove and palmarosa.

Gingergrass~ An invigorating and warming blend of lemon and ginger root.

Marymint~ A refreshing blend of herb and sweet mint.

Musk~ A heady blend of dark patchouli and lavender essential oils.

I purchased her Gingergrass scents. The soap has a spicy smell that both woke me up, and left me smelling great, without being overwhelming. As someone with notoriously sensitive skin, I was also delighted to discover that the natural materials she works with didn’t cause me to break out in hives or affect my skin poorly.

Wyrdwerks has a fantastic sampler pack if you’re looking to try multiple scents at once.  They are all available in a “Memento Mori” starter pack, which you can find here.  

She is currently running a sale for Halloween in her Etsy store, including on her special Samhain soaps. Save 15% off when you use HAL15 at checkout.

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