Round One (RWBY recap and review)


RWBY Vol 3 Cover This was indeed the day Rooster Teeth fans were waiting for. RWBY volume 3 aired for the public today, making quite a stir. Sponsors of the site got to see it a day early, and even managed to crash the main Rooster Teeth site despite recent upgrades. The site traffic is well deserved, as the start of the new volume was very solid. It had little bites of everything, from awesome fights to team interactions.

The episode starts off with Ruby talking to her mother’s grave, setting the tone of that relationship well. Last volume showed us how Yang felt about the loss of her mother figures, and now we get to see some of how Ruby has dealt with the loss of her mom. The scene transitions into the first fight of the Vytal festival and tournament: RWBY vs ABRN.

The important things to know about the Vytal festival and tournament were revealed in a recent World of Remnant episode that aired a few weeks back. Among these is the fact that the entire thing occurs on a giant floating platform that hovers over the hosting school. This will apparently serve as the main location for the season.

It should be no surprise that RWBY advances from the team round into the doubles. What comes as a slight shock is that Weiss is not going to be paired with either Blake or Ruby, but with Yang. Yang and Weiss haven’t had much time to interact, and this is something that could be great character development for them both. What we do get is about the main antagonists of the season. Emerald, Mercury, and Cinder all get speaking lines while Neopolitan remains mute. Yes, that’s right; Neo makes the last member of that team, albeit while disguised. Whatever Cinder is planning, it’s going to be big, and it’s going to include the festival.

We rejoin team RWBY buying food after their sucessful round, where what is most likey the beginning of Weiss family drama occurs. Her card gets declined, and team JNPR comes to the rescue. While the scene is mostly silly, it allows for a nice moment between friends. It also has Nora being over excited and claiming she can bench press five of her, which is always a win. They get called to the field for their battle, which marks the end of the episode.

Overall, the episode does a wonderful job establishing the basics of the tournament, spouting out its exposition in a manner that flows well. The new voice actors we met did a good job, and the action was top notch as usual. In true RWBY fashion, the fighting is amazing, and the plot and characters keep it fresh. It can only get better from here, and with a full 12 episodes and 3 World of Remnant segments coming up, we have a lot to look forward to.


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