Dragons: Riders of Berk Collector’s Edition Comic

Dragons: Riders of Berk Volume #1 Collector's Edition

Dragons: Riders of Berk Volume #1 Collector’s Edition

Titan Comics released Dragons:Riders of Berk Volume #1 The Collector’s Addition this past Wednesday. Following the critically acclaimed and ever popular T.V. Series, this collector’s edition comic includes stories chronicling the adventures of Hiccup and his dragon Toothless. Together they lead the dragon academy of Berk. Attending the academy is: Astrid and her Dragon Stormfly, Snotlout and his dragon Hookfang, Fishlegs with his dragon Meatlug, and the twin riders: Tuffnut and Ruffnut with their twin headed dragon Barf and Belch. This team of unlikely heroes protects Berk, a lonely rock in the middle of a tumultuous ocean inhabited by brawny vikings and a few not-so-brawny sheep. This small community works in synergy to co-inhabit and unforgiving land with their new dragon companions.

For anyone who has seen the How To Train Your Dragon movies this comic series picks up where the original film left off: with Berk adapting to its new role as a dragon friendly island. Hiccup and his team work to better understand their dragon counterparts through combat, training and socialization. Volume one reveals the dangers Berk faces, the strength that the academy students find in their dragons and it unveils a villain from the mists of the ocean…a villain with a past that ties him directly to Stoick, Berk’s fearless leader, and his ambiguous past.

Story elements aside this comic celebrates the design and beauty of the How To Train Your Dragon franchise. Readers are provided with a new perspective of Berk and given more insight into the unexplored islands surrounding it. Penciller and Inker Iwan Nazif breathes life into two dimensional illustrations. In his interview, included in this collector’s edition volume, he explains what it took to take a three dimensional movie/t.v. series and maintain the same level of artistic strength through two dimensional drawings. Using strong story elements and embellished characterization, Iwan and his team of colorists bring Berk to life in a way never before described.

After you have read the stories in the volume be sure to check out the amazing art work located in the rear of the book. Rough layouts, pencils, inks and character sketches allow readers a brief glimpse into the world before as it comes to life. Want to join in on the adventure? Titan Comics has Dragons: Riders of Berk Volume #1 Collector’s Edition available on their site. Can’t wait for the book? Visit your local comic shop and grab a copy before they go up in smoke!


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