Adventure Time 2015 Spooktacular


AT_2015_Spoooktacular_001_A_MainWith Halloween fast approaching, the writers of the Adventure Time comic are giving us a little Spooktacular issue with Marceline the Vampire Queen. This self-contained issue follows our favorite half-demon as she explores the abandoned world she came from. For folks who haven’t watched past the second season of Adventure Time, Marceline has a whole intricate back story that is about to be further explained in the upcoming mini-series “Stakes” on Cartoon Network in November.

This one shot issue of the  features Marceline looking for answers, accompanied by an adorable dog. When they enter what they think is an abandoned town, they find a nest of vampire minions in a food storage container. After releasing the pretty foolish minions into the sunlight (where they explode), a grandmother warrior appears and demands Marceline be gone before she put her grandchildren in danger. Her dog makes friends with the kids, and soon Marceline is sneaking into their camp to gather intelligence on this mysterious Master vampire they are so afraid of. Marceline is ready to do some butt-kicking, but will she accidentally cause more damage?

The story by Hanna K. is fun to read and gorgeously illustrated. I will admit, as someone who loves Adventure Time, but hasn’t made the time to watch in a few years, I was a bit startled by Marceline’s new hair style. It took me a couple panels to figure out what was going on as well. For avid fans of the show that have been following every step of the way, this is a fun comic. For the more casual watcher, or those who have not yet fallen in love with Adventure Time, it may take a few extra brain cells to catch onto what’s happening.

The Adventure Time 2015 Spooktacular is in stores October 28, 2015 from BOOM! Comics.


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