Interview: Brandon Treadway, “Fearworks” and “The Haunted Ghost Town”


FGN loves to spotlight new talent in fields you may not initially think of, including haunted attractions.  Our favorite people to interview are the new generation of physical haunters who not only love Halloween, but knuckle down and makes their vision cold, hard reality. The trend of creating of new and thrilling haunts is officially going strong in Oregon where Brandon Treadway is owner of Fearworks and operator of the multi-mazed Haunted Ghost Town hosted by Rossi Farms.  Let’s get to know this new player in the horror game, and how he came to create one of the most tight and entertaining maze attractions this reporter has seen in quite awhile

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FGN: What inspired the Ghost Town and how long have you been doing this?  Have you created other haunts in the past?

Brandon Treadway: This was my first big step in the haunted attraction industry. From a very young age I’ve loved westerns, and I participated in wild west reenactments and shows along with some silent films. That’s what inspired the overall western theme of the Ghost Town. I started the Ghost Town my sophomore year of High School at Rossi Farms with Joe Rossi’s help however before doing so I had a home haunt which I started at age 6. It of course grew and grew eventually wrapping around the entire house. That was when I realized I had to do something more.

FGN:  What do you feel separates you from other haunts?

BT: Two major differences which separate our attraction from those in Portland and throughout the haunt community are the live gunfire and the fact that we operate on a real set which has been used in films and music videos. The Ghost Town features a lot of natural elements and is very authentic. It’s not built just of plywood walls and a few facades.\

FGN: Where would you like to see your event in the future?

BT: In the future I’d like to expand the event overall and offer even more for our customers. Three main attractions, live entertainment, theatrical shows and more. I want to make the Ghost Town Portland known.

FGN: The whole team is friendly, and knowledgeable.  I also love the small details outside of scaring. Themed snacks, petting zoo, etc.  What gave you the idea to host movie nights?

BT: The farm owner, Joe Rossi offered community movie nights for families throughout the summer and I wanted to put a twist on the idea. We had our first Horror Movie Night in 2014 and it turned out great. We were concerned there might not be an interest in it but we had about 200-250 people. The Horror Movie Night also help promote the Ghost Town in October. We’re planning on having two or three next year.

FGN: Do you ever want to branch out to other events/themes? Doing something other than a Western theme?

BT: Absolutely! We kind of started that this year a bit by adding the Farmhouse and Wicked Hollows attractions. However I’ve got some more unique ideas in mind such as a Bayou theme for next an additional haunt next year. Besides the Ghost Town event we do want to produce other events in the future as well. Two of those being a Zombie Mud Run and Steampunk Fest.

FGN: Did you create Fearworks?

BT: Yes, I created FearWorks Productions with my high school friends Todd Vonfeldt and Dominic Moran with the intention to produce one-of-a-kind haunted attractions and themed events in the Northwest and down the west coast.

FGN: Have you always loved haunted houses and the horror genre?

BT: I’ve loved haunted houses for as long as I can remember as well as horror in general. I grew up watching horror movies with my family and I hosted a Halloween party that went on for eleven years until I started the Ghost Town.

FGN: What scares you the most personally?

BT: Well, myself and spiders don’t get along very well but I think not being able to haunt is one of my biggest fears. I can’t imagine life without haunting. I’ve been around it all my life.

FGN: What is your favorite kind/era of horror?

BT: My favorite genres of horror are Paranormal and Psychological.

FGN: What is your favorite part of scaring the masses?

BT: My favorite part is definitely seeing friends and family coming together as they’re clinging on to each other walking through the attraction. The looks on their faces are priceless after they exit and knowing they had a great time attending an event that my team and I created is very rewarding by itself.

Haunted Ghost Town Barber

What a fascinating and driven guy!  We look forward to seeing all you do in the future.

To find out more about Brandon’s company Fearworks here, and The Haunted Ghost Town here.  Also be sure to follow them on Facebook at Their Official Page.

Thank you once again to Brandon Treadway for such a lovely interview, and such an enjoyable experience!


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