Felicia Day & Brandon Routh in “Dead of Winter” IRL Halloween Spoof


Dead of Winter IRL

What happens when people in trouble make the kind of ruthless, selfish decisions a game can call for? What if this happens during a zombie invasion? Dead of Winter, a survival horror board game from Plaid Hat Games, gives the players the option of playing as teams–or of having a secret agenda that may lead to betrayal and double-crossing.

In “Dead of Winter” IRL, Geek and Sundry takes a look at what the game might look like in real life, with a zombie invasion, a group huddled in a warehouse in the dead of winter, and the discovery that “Sadly, not everyone is competent when it comes to zombie survival.” Felicia Day, Brandon Routh, Jeff Lewis, Amy Okuda, and Ify Nwadiwe star in a short comedy about the dead of winter–in real life.

“Dead of Winter” IRL, is available now: http://geekandsundry.com/felicia-day-and-brandon-routh-face-the-dead-of-winter/


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