Sleepy Hollow Volume #1


sleepyhollow1From the popular Fox TV Show to BOOM! Comics, Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills are on a brand new mission of the graphic novel kind. Volume #1 of Sleepy Hollow follows our anachronistic Crane as he struggles to become accustomed to modern life and the constant influx of monsters in town.  When a seemingly harmless music box suddenly unleashes the forces of darkness, Abbie and Crane have to stop the danger from taking over the citizens of Sleepy Hollow. What do music boxes and grandfather clocks have to do with demons? They are pretty good at bringing folks into the netherealms of darkness.

Having never watched more than one episode of Sleepy Hollow, I was worried I’d be pretty lost with the storyline. The good news is that the comic is super easy to follow. While I have a feeling I missed some of the nuances, I was still able to get around pretty well and understand the storyline. The collection holds all 4 issues of the Sleepy Hollow comic miniseries.  The best portion of the comic was Noelle Stevenson’s additions and stand alone snippets. They are comically hilarious and tend to focus more on the cutesy aspects of Crane’s adjustment to modern life.

Sleepy Hollow Volume #1 is now available from BOOM! Comics.



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