DIY Prop Tutorial: How to Make a Spear in Time for Halloween!


One of the biggest problems any part of the year is that eternal struggle for moretime. Halloween is a booming enterprise and with it comes a mad rush to acquire the latest, greatest and funniest costume. Unfortunately, as demand increases so does pricing. Some Halloween props sell for three to four times more than is reasonable. So here’s a quick DIY prop tutorial from your very own Cosplay Savant just in time for Halloween!

Today she’ll teach you how to make a spear out of every day objects/items for around $20. Here is what you will need:

  • 1 Exacto Blade OR Utility Blade
  • 1 Sheet of Foam (insulation, l200, craft, etc.)
  • 1 dowel rod OR sturdy stick
  • Adhesive (hot glue, duct tape, liquid nails, contact cement, etc.)
  • Paint (acrylic is cheapest but spray paint is acceptable as well)
  • Paint Brushes OR a tarp/painting surface
  • OPTIONAL: Mod Podge OR Wood Glue

  • Once you have all of your supplies follow the steps in the video below to create an inexpensive prop in under an hour!


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