The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: A New Way to Experience a Magical World!


USH WWoHP Key ArtI am a big Potterhead. My life revolved around Harry James Potter and his magical adventures for years, from first grade and my first time reading the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, all the way to seventh grade, when I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and cried from the pain of the series’ end. My time was no longer going to be spent wandering the halls of Hogwarts searching for new adventures and pieces to riddles and puzzles. They were all too familiar…so much in fact that I can quote the books at any time and for any reason, and I challenge anyone (Yes, you too. You know who you are.) to attempt to beat me in anything Potter-related.

So when I received the press release link for this awesome little internet treat, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a precursor to the Harry Potter Attraction Universal Studios is preparing to open in Hollywood, I lost my mind! Better than a new book, you can now go to Hogsmead yourself! You can taste the treats or guzzle a Butterbeer, or even just peruse the shops! Am I the only one freaking out here?

In this amazing interactive site, you can visit the shops in Hogsmeade like Honeydukes and Olivander’s, peek into the Three Broomsticks, and visit Dumbledore’s office in the castle! You can also explore the excitement of riding a Hippogriff on “Flight of the Hippogriff,” or join Harry on an adventure in “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey,” another exclusive ride.

I am personally so enthralled with this new little tidbit that I have been playing around on the site and exploring Hogsmead all day. Any avid Harry Potter fan will hopefully find themselves just as ecstatic as I am!

You can enjoy the full experience for yourself online by clicking here! Until the attraction opens in Spring of 2016, this will have to satisfy me and all other west-coast Potterheads!


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