Sugary Treats and A Lion Guard: ‘Apocalypse Meow Meow’


cover73124-mediumThe world is over, and all that remains are a group of dogs, a cat, and a Twonkie factory. While searching for their masters, the dogs of Apocalypse Meow Meow have to eat, and what better way than to break into the factory for a special cream-filled confection with the name changed for copyright reasons? All is well and good, until the group realizes that the front door is guarded by a really big cat. To you and me it is a lion, to the dogs it is the Meow Meow to top all Meow Meows. With some quick thinking between the various personalities of the dogs, the group comes up with a plan to take down that big cat and eat twonkies to their heart’s content, at least until they can find their masters.

Apocalypse Meow Meow on the surface seems like a really sweet adventure for a set of dogs. However, when one factors in the realization that their masters are all dead and that really after their pre-packaged food supplies run out the dogs are going to be on their own, finishing the comic leaves one with a sense of unease.

I highly recommend reading James Proimos III’s other book, Apocalypse Bow Wow, before diving into Apocalypse Meow Meow, as without there were a few places I felt like I was missing a key point to the story of the dogs and their adventures.

Apocalypse Meow Meow is available from Bloomsbury USA November 3, 2015. Look for it on Amazon


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