LOVE Volume #2: The Fox


cover71142-mediumFor those acquainted with LOVE Volume #2: The Fox continues a series of beautiful artwork with no verbal cues. The Fox focuses on the harrowing tale of a beautiful fox that must find a way to survive his surrounding during a volcanic errupption in it’s homeland. As with Volume #1, the fox character has no speech and there are no written cues as to what is happening. This makes the LOVE series fantastic for readers of all ages. The animals are all fighting for survival.¬†Frederic Brremaud, the writer and illustrator of the LOVE series has filled the pages with incredible artwork that is stunning. It is easy to gloss over the fact there are no written words and just find oneself lost in the pages of this book.


LOVE Volume #2: The Fox is available November 10, 2015 from Magnetic Press. Look for it on Amazon


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