Titan’s 8th Doctor Comic is Quite Charming


unnamedUntil recently, the 8th Doctor (portrayed by the wonderfully talented Paul McGann) was often seen as that Doctor from the horrible American-made-for-TV film. Unlike many actors, McGann reveled in his role, even going on to do multiple Big Finish Audio dramas as the 8th Doctor. After Steven Moffat brought him back for a special minisode prequel for the 50th Anniversary, it was as if Paul McGann was suddenly a favorite. Underrated and occasionally reviled, the 8th Doctor is now back in a Titan Comics series and I am smitten.

Set in a tiny village in Wales, The Doctor stumbles into his old cabin to find young painter Josie Day creating elaborate portrayals of some of the Doctor’s greatest foes. He is intrigued by her talent, but seemingly more interested in finding his copy of Jane Eyre. When Mrs. Fellowes comes to the door to tell Josie she’s been attacked by a Monster at the local pub, The Doctor snaps into action and they head for town. Inside the pub, they find one of Josie’s paintings, but the creatures are missing from the scene.

George Mann captures the personality of the 8th Doctor and tells a charming story that made me suddenly ashamed that I’d put off the Doctor Who comics. To be fair, I tend to be smitten with almost everything George Mann touches. Emma Vieceli’s art work is equally charming, and her work on the 8th Doctor and Josie Day are cosplay-worthy.

The new adventures with the 8th Doctor comes out from Titan Comics on November 4, 2015.


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