The Trailer for Hot Sugar’s Cold World is Disjointed, but Intriguing


Remember that episode of Spaced where we meet Tyres, the raver who hears music in the ringing of the telephone, the beep of the crosswalk signal?

Did you love the idea of hearing music all around you, in every crevice of the world, even without headphones or streaming services?

If so, Nick Koenig’s approach to music is going to fascinate you.

Known professionally as Hot Sugar, Koenig weaves everyday sounds into songs that have gained such notoriety that he collaborated with The Roots on their Grammy-nominated album Undun in 2011. Hot Sugar pulls these samples from seemingly innocuous places – the ambiance of a street at night, sparks flying from power tools, even PopRocks dissolving in someone’s mouth.

The trailer for Hot Sugar’s Cold World though it doesn’t inform the casual viewer of what to expect from the film, does give a glimpse into the sampling process, as well as teasing appearances from astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and indie filmmaker Jim Jarmusch. This eclectic cast hints at both the scientific and artistic aspects of Koenig’s music, perfectly fitting for a film coming out of SXSW.

You can watch the trailer below, and catch the film in on VOD on November 6th.

Synopsis for Hot Sugar’s Cold World
From internationally acclaimed filmmaker Adam Bhala Lough, and Executive Producers David Gordon Green, Danny McBride and Jody Hill, Hot Sugar’s Cold World is a fly-on-the-wall look into the life of a modern-day Mozart, Nick Koenig (Hot Sugar) as he creates one-of-a-kind music made entirely out of sounds from the world around him. Nick lives every young musician’s dream, but when his internet- famous girlfriend, (rapper Kitty) goes on tour and they split, he flies to Paris where he grew up, to move on with his life, while hunting for increasingly unique and exotic sounds to sample and turn into beats. Through his journey, Hot Sugar goes on some crazy adventures, meets some fascinating people and learns what it takes to survive as an artist.

With appearances by former members of Das Racist, legendary filmmaker Jim Jarmusch (Broken Flowers, Only Lovers Left Alive), the world’s most renowned Astrophysicist, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson (“Cosmos” on FOX) and comedian Martin Starr (HBO’s “Silicon Valley”) among a host of other musicians and personalities.


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