‘Welcome to Showside’ is Cute and Creepy


welcome-to-showsideLittle Kit is a green little monster dude. He tells the tale of of two star-crossed lovers, to which his friends immediately call bunk. However, as a comic reader I have a feeling that this love story might be more than just a child’s tale. While killing time with his friends is fun, he realizes that watching seagulls defecate on others is nothing compared to the fun of acquiring waffle tacos. Kit and his friends grab a bite to eat, but are interrupted by a young child who lets them know that a “pixel portal” has opened up and monsters are coming through. Unafraid, the group grabs a crystal fighter robot creature and plug in a video game to make it the ultimate fighter against the fearsome creature known as a crystal cat.  This adventure is followed up with a fierce competition to make sure to keep possession of a beloved sweatshirt.

If you’re a big fan of Bravest Warriors, you will love this newest venture from Ian McGinty. Welcome to Showside is cute, colorful and simple. Most of the characters have big eyes and an adorable fighting style. Welcome to Showside is safe for your kids and for adults who just want something cute and funny.

Welcome to Showside is now available from Z2 Comics.


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