24 Hours of Gaming? Irresistible Fun for a Good Cause!


ExtraLifeLogoBlueNothing really feels as good as playing that final card…the one that decimates your friends as they plot your own demise. I have been lucky enough to play the winning card a time or two, and the rush you get from victories like those are almost incomparable to anything else….

Except the amazing feeling you get when you know you’ve aided a great cause, or done a good deed!FundraiserIGPicture

This coming weekend, FangirlNation and Brookhurst Hobbies is hosting a 24-Hour gaming event that will rival any gaming experience you’ve yet had. The great cause I mentioned? We’re raising money for the Children’s Hospital of Orange County! Join us any time between 10 am November 7th and 10 am November 8th to join in on the fun! Stick around for our charity auction and score some awesome prizes as you help to fund life-saving medicine practices at CHOC. Nothing feels as great as doing a good deed or contributing to a cause…although winning a few amazing games like Munchkin and Rough does come pretty close! Come down to Garden Grove and satiate your desires to be victorious and charitable!

If you can’t attend our event but you still want to help us reach our goal, you can donate to the Extra Life page by clicking here!

Do you accept the challenge?


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